RBE Vacancies in Clerical Cadre – Direct Recruitment quota.


Sub: Vacancies in Clerical Cadre – Direct Recruitment quota.


Attention is invited to Board’s letter of even number dated 15.6.2010 (RBE No.88/2010) on the above subject, where in instructions had been issued for extending the currency of instructions contained in RBE No.210/1991 pertaining to freezing of 25% of the vacancies falling within the direct recruitment quota in the category of Clerks in Pay Band-I of Rs.5200-20200 (Grade Pay: Rs.1900) and in Senior Clerks in Pay Band-I of Rs.5200-20200 (Grade Pay: Rs.2800) and 20% in the category of Junior Accounts Assistant in Pay Rand-I of Rs.5200-20200 (Grade pay: Rs.2800) and Accounts Clerk in Pay Band-I of Rs.5200-20200 (Grade Pay : Rs.1900). The question of continuance of the above freeze orders has been considered by the Board and it has been decided to extend the currency of the instructions mentioned for a further period up to 31.12.2013. Rest of the vacancies may be filled up after reviewing the requirement of clerical staff.


2. In this regard, Board also desire that the Railways and Production Units should furnish information regarding the sanctioned strength of Junior Clerk, Senior Clerk, Junior Accounts Assistant and Accounts Clerk as on 1.4.92 and as on 1.1.2013 as well as their views with respect to continuance or otherwise of such a freeze order for future in the said categories of staff.


3. The instructions will be effective from the date of expiry of earlier freeze order i.e.01.01.2013.


4. It has also come to the notice of this Ministry that the instructions on this freeze order is being interpreted by certain railway establishments in the manner as if there is total ban to till up the posts in question. It is clarified that these instructions only limit percentage of recruitment and should not be construed as complete ban. Remaining posts may, therefore, be filled up by the Railways in terms of instructions on the subject.


Please acknowledge receipt.


(Hindi version will follow.)



(Harsha Dass)

Director Estt. (N) -II

Railway Board


Source : http://www.indianrailways.gov.in




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